What are Sleep Scenes?

Sleep Scenes are scenarios for children (or adults) to think about as they drift off to sleep. Each scene is designed to stimulate the imagination and provide fuel for that amazing time between being awake and being asleep.

The first Sleep Scenes book has 51 Sleep Scenes, all tried and tested by our 9 year old editor-in-chief, Eva.

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What people say about Sleep Scenes

I love this book. My Dad has been giving me things to think about at bedtime for a few years now. It is so cool to have them all written down for us to use whenever we like. When I use the Sleep Scenes to get to sleep , I actually like going to sleep - OK obviously I would prefer to be downstairs watching TV with Mum and Dad, but you know, if I have to lie up there trying to get to sleep, I might as well have something fun and interesting to think about.

Eva (age 9)
Book Editor

What a great idea. I am a Great-Grandmother with a lot of child care experience. I have started using this book when my granddaughter comes over and stays for the night. It really helps her to settle in and fall asleep. I think kids these days have so many distractions that stop them from using their imagination. Bedtime is a great chance for them to switch off the electronic devices (except the Kindle) and have a good-old think. Looking forward to the next edition.


This book has been a brill addition to our bedtime routine. We finish our story and the lights go out. I have already chosen which scene to use and have memorised the basics. I adapt it to fit what I know my daughter will like and then I tell it to my daughter before kissing her goodnight. I like that the Scenes give her something to do after I have left the room. I used to have to sit there for ages with her before she fell asleep, now I leave her to it. Money well spent.

Teacher and mother of two

I have two active boys, truth be told I don't really look forward to bedtime, in fact I usually let my wife put the boys to bed. When it is my turn then I turn to Sleep Scenes. Sleep Scenes has been a Godsend to me, it really has. I'm tired by the time the boys go to bed, I want bedtimes to go smoothly. The Scenes are quick to read and the lads love them. Not sure how long they lie there thinking about them, but they work. I need another book to come out soon.

Tired Dad


Sleep Scenes is available on Amazon where you can download it for the Kindle or buy the printed version. If you head over there now you can download a free sample for your device. Or if you have access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library then you can download and hopefully enjoy Sleep Scenes for free.

  • The thinking child's book

    Nothing too complex, nothing too taxing. Simple scenes that turn into beautiful dreams.

  • Enrich your special time in no time

    The Scenes are quick to read and easy to slot into any bedtime routine.

Free Sample

I have been using Sleep Scenes with my oldest daughter for quite a few years now, only they weren't called Sleep Scenes until I decided to write them down. I thought it would be good to have them all in one place and to be able to share them with other people. Also I have to admit I thought it would be great to publish a book.

Whilst writing the book, I did some research on how people get their kids to sleep. I was a little shocked to find that there is a demand for melatonin for kids. I was hoping that when people search Google for 'melatonin for kids' that they find this site and try a natural alternative first, ie the book. Obviously I can't claim that this won't benefit me, but honestly I would just hope that it benefits parents and kids who are looking for a way to get to sleep and gives them another option other than a medication or supplement.

Yes there are other books planned and in the process of being penned (typed). The second Sleep Scenes book will hopefully have contributions from readers in it as well. There is even talk (within my head) of creating a Sleep Scenes for big kids book. Looking after two girls is my full time job and main focus though so the books will appear when they appear. If you join the mailing list then I will let you know before any future releases and you will be able to take advantage of introductory offers. I also give away copies to some subscribers for free initially so that they can give me feedback. You can register your interest on a few places on this page.

Who is Andrea?

I am a father (yes I am a man) of two young children. I enjoy spending a lot of time with both of them as fortunately I gave up full time paid work 10 years ago. I think that having such a good amount of quality time with my kids has allowed me to unlock my childish side, this was a real help when writing the book.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt